Meet the Founders

Two mothers, two chefs, two business women… and one fateful meeting. Ronit Cohen Bentolila, creator of Petite Select, and Tammy Furman, creator of Original Smart Cookie, were introduced by a mutual friend who saw the potential for a fabulous friendship and alliance. Upon first meeting, Ronit and Tammy both knew that this was a match made in culinary heaven. As loving mothers who were concerned about their families’ nutrition, they both poured years of hard work, effort and tireless dedication into creating healthy foods that tasted and looked fantastic. Both also strongly supported ethical business practices that fully respect the earth and environment. The two culinary innovators merged their respective companies under Nature’s Select Food Group in hopes of creating a larger, multicultural enterprise that would forever change how families view nutrition, healthy eating and healthy living. With unwavering passion for food and family, Ronit and Tammy are continuously expanding the line of products that Nature’s Select offers, always with a commitment to using the finest organic and kosher ingredients.